This week the gang is on the move and we have not one, but two coming attractions to note.
First, The Ice Cream Man Cometh, a two act play starring our heroes Bruce and Steve, is opening this weekend at the 13th Street Repertory Company in New York City.  We’d like to invite any and all of you who may have the opportunity to attend any of the stagings going on this Thursday through Saturday to do so.  You can find out more by visiting  (As an added bonus, mention Beleifnet and you’ll get a big discount on your theater tickets, folks!)

The Ice Cream Man Cometh is the philosophical opposite to Eugene O’Neill’s The Ice Man Cometh, a play wherein the characters gather at a bar to decry the hopelessness of the human condition.  Based loosely around an interview Bruce gave to the local television station (Being the ice cream man who God spoke to is pretty newsworthy in and around Fort Myers, Florida), Bruce, Steve, the lovely and talented Sandra Nordgren and I have written a little play that celebrates the perfection of creation and the omnipresent availability of guidance and good counsel if we but open our hearts and minds to it.  Like our web series, it’s a light-hearted take on higher consciousness; fun, funny and with a touch of Sinatra thrown in for good measure.  If you like Prophet or Madman, The Web Series, we know you’ll like The Ice Cream Man Cometh.  We hope to meet as many of you as possible at the 13th Street Repertory Company’s theater this long weekend.
Second, our webisode of the week, Down at Daddy Dee’s, is a video diary of our first trip down to Florida to meet Bruce, his friends and family, the customers at his ice cream parlor and the good people of Fort Myers, Florida and environs.
Steve still can’t entirely shake his skepticism as we gather the crew and head down to Florida.  But he’s willing.  “Maybe there’s something there,” he says.  “Just maybe there’s something there.”
We film Steve as he pulls up to Bruce’s shop.  It’s their first face to face meeting and the first time any of the rest of us had ever been to Florida.  After hearing so much from and about Bruce, we’re anxious to find out as much as we can about him, his cohorts and his life, before, during and after his communications with the divine.  What were you like before? What happened?  What is your life like now, after you’ve changed everything to carry out your mandate, delver your message?
“It’s documentary time,” Steve says.  “We’re here to introduce you to the world.”
We’re not sure if Bruce was wholly ready for our onslaught – the lights, the cameras, the crew – but he’s game.  So is Ginger, his employee at Daddy Dee’s. (She says, “What if he’s sent here to tell me something and I’m not listening?” (Now, doesn’t that sound familiar?))  So is Soony, his fiance and partner in the ice cream enterprise.   “I started to see, slowly.  Then I became interested in his book.  I read it.  There were things I didn’t understand, so I checked them.  Then, I don’t know why, I just started telling him, ‘Your time is come.  Your time is come.'”
In this webisode we also squeeze in a visit to the Blood Bank in Nakomas, Fla., a building that used to house the ice rink where Bruce and his son were skating along when God first spoke to him.  As you’ll see, the film crew is a little shaken by the whole thing, too.  As Bruce recounts his encounter, he says, ” I saw that (all Creation) is just one entity, one moment and I was told, ‘Write about this, teach this.'”
Tall order, to be sure, but that’s what we’re here for.  Tune in tomorrow and see for yourself.

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