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I didn’t sleep well last night. Today is my last day as an honorary Sikh and I feel as if I’m floating between two worlds. We’ve talked about how jarring each transition is, but it’s especially difficult with a faith …Read More

Being bullied is Hell. It’s hoping the night passes more slowly so you can enjoy potential nightmares instead of the guaranteed monsters at school. It’s feeling as if every stare, gaze, and giggle from students in the hall and class …Read More

I’ve already done this nine times…but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier. This post is late because I’ve spent all morning–since those “ambrosial hours” of contemplation prescribed by Guru Nanak–thinking about it. The Transition. There are three more days left …Read More

From the outside, it sure looks like this is the case: That Sikhi is a synchronization–an amalgam–between Hinduism and Islam. At first, that’s exactly what I thought, that the whole faith was like a rebellious child born from two warring …Read More

One concept pervades virtually every faith I’ve encountered thus far during Project Conversion, and that is the idea of service. And not just any kind of service, but the raw, selfless kind. Within Sikhi, it is considered the highest act, and …Read More

You cannot run from the universe and you cannot run from reality because according to Sikhi, God is the universe and reality. So why even try?  Ego. Now, I consult no more with my Ego, For, the Guru has warned that egoism is …Read More

…And everyone does this: Man I miss those Godzilla movies. Seriously though, in our post-9/11 world, most of us are sensitive about anything that looks “different” than the understood norm–especially at airports or any mass transit location. Humans are hard-wired …Read More

Yesterday was amazing. I woke up at 4:30 and, for the first time since July, I didn’t open my laptop or check my email on my phone for the entire day. In fact, I did nothing related to Project Conversion. And it …Read More

Every year during Halloween my parents do something that, until now, I never really understood. As the sun gracefully sets in the west and the sky burns with an orange hue, they bring in their black cat, Oreo. She does …Read More

One of the most pervasive jokes about United States Marines is how neat and particular they are. Nowhere is this concept more pronounced than Basic Training. Everything must be just so: Your rack (bunk or bed) must be made to …Read More