I dedicate this post to my country and those who, for the last 239 years, stand the line every day to protect the freedoms we enjoy. I come from a long and rich history of military service, so with every neon burst of fireworks, I think about those literal “bombs bursting in air” over those in battle, fighting for their lives, the lives of their comrades, and the our liberty. My remembrance this year is especially potent as I consider, would I be free to participate in Project Conversion in another country (or at least as freely) as here in these United States?

Freedom is a fragile gem, the still surface of water easily disturbed by the smallest pebble. We do not agree on everything, and we never will, however our strength is not found in our unity of thought but our unity of will. In this country we have concepts such as the separation of church and state, and though this issue causes political upheaval, we must understand from both sides that this principle neutrally protects both institutions. I am thankful for such wisdom. I am thankful that we can discuss religion in general and Project Conversion in particular without fear of governmental reprisal or censorship. I am thankful that we are truly E Pluribus Unum, “Out of Many, One.”

Sounds like something one of our Baha’i or Hindu friends may have written.

So here’s to you, US of A, we aren’t perfect, but the Constitution which guides us is a document able to admit mistakes and therefore malleable enough to change and adapt where required. How greater we all could be if we followed this example.

To the warriors of my country, I salute you:

And the flag that illustrates our freedom:

Enjoy your holiday and remember those who declared it so with their bravery, wisdom, and lives.

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