I enjoyed this song before the radio played it to death, however anything can rise from the ashes when watered with new meaning. The song is “Love the Way You Lie,” by Eminem and Rhianna. I rediscovered it while in the fiery throes of doubt/faith this month. Indeed, every blow of doubt, confusion, and ecstasy felt as if I were in an abusive relationship. We all know people locked in these cycles with a significant other, and most of the time we advise our friends to abandon them. How easy it is to pass judgment…when we aren’t part of the situation.

Are the ups and downs, doubts and revelations of our faith not unlike the tears and fears, break-ups and make-ups of our human relationships? How often are we presented with “evidence” that forces us to question faith (our spiritual significant other) and accuse it of lies? Then, if we flirt with doubt are we unfaithful (pun intended)? But in many cases we return, because faith isn’t always a quiet stream–it’s an inferno of glorious pleasure and agony. There’s nothing in this world quite like it, and we love the warmth of the flames regardless of how they are ignited.

Like much of our scripture, art is malleable in that it can be interpreted in many ways depending on what the observer brings to the piece. When I listened to “Love the Way You Lie” and in particular watched the video, the flames and the screams, the passion and the violence resonated with me in new ways. Listen to the words. Try and assign them to your own spiritual struggles. Can you not see truth? I don’t expect everyone to agree with my new interpretation of this song, but that’s okay, I’m here to create conversation, not consensus.


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