Progressive Revival

Leonard Fein, who founded and for 12 years edited Moment magazine, is
also the founder of Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger and of the
National Jewish Coalition for Literacy. A political scientist by
training, he taught at MIT and served as Deputy Director of the
MIT/Harvard Joint Center for Urban Studies, and was a professor of
politics and social policy, as also of contemporary Jewish studies, at
Brandeis University. He is the author of four books and the editor of
two; he has written extensively in magazines and newspapers, and is a
weekly OpEd columnist in the Forward.

Cross posted from The Forward It is still much too early to start singingdayenu, that wonderful song that celebrates each element of the Exodus and that says, bluntly, that each alone would have been sufficient. But the first building blocks […]

Crossposted at The Jewish Daily Forward.  In August of 1973 I arrived in Israel as a guest of the Foreign Ministry. For reasons I no longer recall, the ministry had decided that trying to effect my conversion to its view […]

“A grand slam home run,” the commentators agreed.  More like a foul — a very foul — ball to me. The subject is, of course, Sarah Palin, whose not-yet week-old candidacy for Vice President of the United States has sucked […]

[According to the Jewish tradition, all of us – the living, the dead, the as yet unborn, were present at the revelation at Sinai.] I had a student once, years ago, who was a hippy.  He took a year off […]

Plainly, no one can confidently predict how large a factor racist attitudes will play in the November presidential election.  In the privacy of the voting booth, people’s fears and prejudices may be more powerful than the marked (and widely documented) […]