Updates on yesterday’s blog about the fight between the Roman Catholic Archdiocese and the DC City Council:

According to the Washington Post, the DC city council has responded to the Catholic Archdiocese by “digging in its heels” on gay marriage.  The Council tried to reach a compromise but now doubts that it is possible.

Local DC columnist, Petula Dvorak, a Roman Catholic calls her church to account and says that the Catholic Church has left her–and countless other DC Catholics–“heartbroken.”
The Right Rev. John Chane, the Episcopal Bishop of Washington, pretty much says that his church will help pick up the slack if the Catholic Church walks away (seems like a return volley in the ongoing Vatican-Anglican argument, too).  
Whatever happens in this case could, according to several news sources, set a national precedent for other states that adopt same-sex marriage as they try to work out accommodations with religious organizations.  
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