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Andy Ostroy over at Huffingtonpost discovered the ‘real’ text of President Obama’s talk to students. 

The White House on Monday released the text of President Barack Obama’s highly controversial speech to the nation’s school children Tuesday. As expected and feared by those on the right, the speech, I’m embarrassed to say, is truly shameful and full of dangerous radical views. Here it is:

“Hello children, both Democrats and those whose parents belong to that less desirable party. Today is a very big day for you. Your first day back to school. I hope you enjoyed your Summer vacation. I tried to enjoy mine, but certain members of an un-named right-wing political party have made the past two months a living hell for me. But this isn’t about me, so let’s discuss why I’ve decided to talk with you today.

Education. It’s the backbone and foundation of our society. It’s what makes America great. And you as young school children represent America’s future. It’s important that you study hard, set goals and expand your horizons…and most importantly, that you desperately try to convince your Republican parents that they are 100% wrong about every domestic issue from taxes to health care reform to abortion, gun control and gay marriage. But I digress…

Each and every one of you has the same ability to succeed in life no matter what obstacles you face. If your family is poor, you can still go to college…unless of course the Republican Party, should it ever return to power, completely guts Pell Grants, student loans and other tuition-assistance programs.

Yes, you are our future. We need your collective brainpower. We need you to find a cure for aids and cancer. We need you to protect the environment by helping to develop alternative energy sources, green jobs and other environmental protections…because the Republican Party refuses to accept that global warming exists, and only cares about protecting oil companies and corporate polluters.

And since you asked, let’s talk health care reform. Many of your parents would like you to believe that my “public option” package would kill your grannies. You march right into your living rooms tonight and tell your parents they’re full of shit! Just like that. And tell ’em Uncle Barack said so. Trust me kids, if anyone’s lying here, it’s mommy and daddy. And another thing, if there’s a political party that cares about the old, the poor, the sick, the hungry, veterans and puppies, it ain’t the Republicans. Republicans wanna kill puppies!

There is more of “Obama’s Student Talk” here

If you want to official White House Version you can find it here.  It’s great by the way.  In case you wondered.

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