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Republicans called heath care reform Obama’s Waterloo but it is their own downfall they should be wary of.

On a conference call with the same conservative group that brought us the lame tea bagging on tax day, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint said:

“If we’re able to stop Obama on this it will be his Waterloo. It will break him,” 

It is disgraceful that the main reason that conservatives are stopping health care reform is in order to “break” President Obama.  Talk about cynical and looking out for…well, nobody really aside from their rich underwriters from the insurance and pharma companies.   Certainly they don’t give a damn about the 50 million Americans who are living in our country without health care or with limited health care.   They just are against it to score political points.

Today, RNC chair Steele said that Obama’s health care reform proposal is socialism.  This is meant to be the great insult.  But when it comes from Republicans who are taking their marching orders from big business and Wall Street, it is time to say that Republicans smell of like fresh, store bought capitalism in which the rich and powerful have the final word on what the rest of the country can and cannot do. 

Obama’s health care reform should be passed because it gives people more options not less. For those who have a health care plan they like they can keep it.  For those who don’t have any health insurance, or think that the government option might be better they can choose the government option.  The last I heard, competition was good.

Of course we need to make sure that the health care reform doesn’t break the bank and time should be taken to make sure that we have the plan will serve the most people at the best price.  But that is different than killing health care – which is exactly what the Republicans are trying to do.

Those Republicans and conservative Democrats should remember that this country overwhelmingly supported health care reform just 9 months ago.  And we still do – and we will remember in 2010.

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