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People often ask me why I don’t blog more often in the crucible of the news cycle when an issue is “hot.”  My friends and editors are always trying to get me to speed up–as I tend to be slow […]

The racism of the right is getting louder and meaner as the Presidency of Barack Obama rounds the half way mark of the first year.  Defying his racist detractors, President Obama is about to invite a white cop and a […]

The time to fight for a public option healthcare program is now.  As reported on the Huffington Post, the Senate finance committee has offered a bi-partisan proposal that would drop the public option for health care: These officials said participants […]

I think President Obama was right to soften the tone of his statement the other day on the Gates arrest incident; the word “stupid” wasn’t a helpful word choice. But the word, I think, accurately describes the reaction of a […]

Three news stories in recent days point to significant change in the landscape of North American religion.  For decades now, the conventional wisdom about church growth has been that only conservative churches–those that take the Bible literally and embrace conservative […]

Republicans called heath care reform Obama’s Waterloo but it is their own downfall they should be wary of. On a conference call with the same conservative group that brought us the lame tea bagging on tax day, South Carolina Senator Jim […]

Walter Cronkite’s death reminds us how full one person’s life can be if he puts his mind to it.  For most of us, Cronkite was a news man and the most important anchor person (and most trusted man) in America in the second half […]

For the last month, I’ve been in Australia and only occasionally heard news from the United States.  I haven’t minded too much missing arguments over health care and the Supreme Court confirmation hearings.  But I have fretted about missing the […]

It looks like the Episcopal Church is going to lift its ban on gay bishops.This is great news for those of us who support equal rights of gays and lesbians to serve at the highest office in any political or […]

I’m sick of the constant harping on Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s ‘Wise Latina’ comment.  Jeff Sessions, the Senator from the great state of Alabama (‘everybody knows about Alabama’ -Nina Simone) made reference to it again in his opening/opposing statement at Sotomayor’s confirmation […]