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Much has been made about how the G20 is not going to follow President Obama’s lead in the meeting taking place today in Great Britain.  And I say – good.  Obama shouldn’t be forcing others to follow America’s lead, he should step down from the role of bullying coach occupied by George Bush for the last 8 years and become an important player on the world team.  This is not only going to help us in the economic realm but also serves our wider diplomatic efforts. 

The president has already exemplified this new approach today in his address to the G20.  He said he was “as interested in listening as leading.”  This is good, but while it is important to listen to the other world leaders around the table at the meeting, will he also listen to the protesters who are representing the billions of people from developing countries who are not at this table.  Some of the protesters are just there for the anarchist party, but many have real concerns for the poorest of the world and want to make sure that their voices are heard.

President Obama has a delicate duty.  He has to represent the needs of Americans but also has to realize that he has a global responsibility.  At this point America has a bruised reputation.  Our irresponsible capitalism precipitated the current economic crisis and our reckless foreign policy has lost time and exacerbated the power of al Qaeda. 

Instead of being the player that cheats and fights his way to most valuable player, maybe we can work towards getting the best sportsmanship award.   All of this will lead ultimately to more financial and diplomatic security for th United States. 

There has been a bump sticker war out there that pits “God Bless America” vs “God Bless the Whole World.”  These are not mutually exclusive.

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