Progressive Revival

Just over three months ago the American people elected Barack Obama as our president because we believed he was uniquely equipped with the vision to lead in this time of economic and global crisis.  America –  let Obama lead. 

Our government can and will do good things for the American people if we support the stimulus package presented by the president.   As President Obama said in his inauguration address – we don’t want big government or small government, we want smart government.  Americans have moved beyond the old liberal (big) vs. conservative (no) argument on government and so should Congress.  We will be getting smart government with the power to rebuild America if we support the President’s stimulus package. 

In addition to broader economic goals, the spending is necessary in order to stem the suffering that is happening right now in our country.   Home loss, job loss, poverty, hunger, lack of health care, and all of this is getting worse.  We need to act fast and we need to act boldly to help our fellow citizens in need.  Just as religious people supported FDR’s new deal, religious people especially should be pushing for the stimulus package as part of our understanding of our responsibility to our neighbor.

The country gave the Republicans the opportunity to lead for eight years and the result was a stunning repudiation of the GOP.  If Barack Obama and the Democrats fail, then vote them out.  But in the meantime, contact your congressional leader and tell them that you support the President, and his economic stimulus package. 


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