Belierfnet has nominated five fine films for best spiritual film of the year.  But the list leaves out the winner:  Milk.

The movie tells the story of Harvey Milk, the gay San Francisco superintendent who died a martyr for the cause of equality and justice. Long before Hope became a catchphrase for President Barack Obama, Harvey Milk was telling everyone how important hope was for a community to thrive – not only his own gay community, but every community. 

“Without hope, life is not worth living.  You’ve got to give them Hope!” is a refrain we hear Harvey Milk repeat throughout this film and he did give people hope, and continues to give people hope.  Unfortunately, my guess is that a movie about a civil rights leader who died a martyr for the liberation of his people from any community aside from the gay community would have made this most spiritual list. 

Milk became the embodiment of a people who were not going to let religious or social oppression destroy who they were and how they loved. Spiritual is not just about how you feel in the inside – spiritual is as spiritual does.  “Justice is what Love looks like in Public” – Cornel West.   

Write in Milk for best spiritual film of the year.

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