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(Conclusion of “The Primer on Scripture and the Budget for 2009“)   A faithful and true use of religious beliefs to guide policy in our constitutional system of government is very difficult.  Even those with the best intentions will often […]

George Hunsinger is the McCord Professor of Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. He is the founder of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture. Among his recent books is Torture Is a Moral Issue: Christians, Jews, Muslims and People of Conscience Speak Out (Eerdmans, […]

[Part 5 of “The Primer on Scripture and the Budget for 2009” being released and discussed at]   Democrats must not get into the business of throwing stones, but neither should we allow Republicans to continue to portray us as […]

There is a church in Indiana which requires people taking advantage of the food kitchen and homeless shelter to also participate in the life of the church.  In short hand – no religion, no food. Just to be clear, the church […]

The build up to President Obama’s speech was more moving than I expected.  To see the energy in the house chamber as the new cabinet, and the first lady entered provided the reminder I needed that we have a new administration caring […]

We all know that as soon as we start talking about budget and taxes, the Republicans put away their Bibles and turn to Darwinian social and economic theories to support their policy positions.   The problem is that Democrats and progressives […]

Religous leaders seen on TV during this ecoomic downturn generally make me shudder,with their undercurrent of opportunism, and the selling of crazy snake oil magical Jesus to make things better.   But Father Jim Martin is impressive with Colbert.    The Colbert ReportMon […]

Jim Wallis reported on these three things that Christians from across ideological and political divides agreed upon at the Poverty Forum We all found three substantial things on which we could agree.  First, the moral test of any society is its treatment […]

Vineet Chander is the Coordinator for Hindu LIfe at Princeton University and communicartions director for ISkCON.  Even as the world celebrates the eight Oscars that “Slumdog Millionaire” took home tonight – including the coveted Best Picture and props to A.R. […]

William Saletan writes a great article in the New York Times which will either inspire or provoke everyone involved in the current culture wars.  His argument is for basic practicality to prevail in approaches to both gay marriage and abortion.  […]