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Adelle M. Banks and Kevin Eckstrom give this analysis of President Obama’s inclusive religous inauguration and what it indicates for his approach to religion in the fture.  A couple of Progressive Revival bloogers weighed in:

Randall Balmer:

“If the inauguration is any indication . . . he’s going to keep one foot planted firmly within the African American church and perhaps venture, at least make some feints, in the direction of the evangelicals,” Balmer said.

Diana Buter Bass:

“With just the triad of Gene Robinson and Lowery and Rick Warren, that’s a very powerful signal to American Protestants — still more than half of the population — that Obama doesn’t want religious division to get in the way of ‘being’ America.”

Hopefully the real clues to understanding the next administration’s approach was the prayer service the next day with truly inclusive list of participants.

–Dr. Ingrid Mattson, President, Islamic Society of North America, Hartford, CT
–Rev. Suzan Johnson-Cook, Senior Pastor, Bronx Christian Fellowship, New York City
–Rabbi Jerome Epstein, Director, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, New York City
–Rev. Carol Wade of the Washington National Cathedral
–Dr. Uma Mysorekar, President, Hindu Temple Society of North America, New York City
–Rev. Jim Wallis, President, Sojourners, Washington, D.C.
–Rabbi Haskal Lookstein, Congregation Kehilath Jeshurunm, New York City
–Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell, Senior Pastor, Windsor Village United Methodist Church, Houston, TX

But the real outrage is – Where are the Buddhists?

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