Progressive Revival

Catholic Blogger David Gibson has created a fun pool to predict all things Roman Catholic in 2009.  He writes:

Inspired by William Safire’s annual Office Pool of predictions for the coming year, I am herewith inaugurating a “Catholic Pool” for 2009. Safire’s 2009 NYT pool column ran last Sunday, and you have to hand it to him for keeping it going even though he has an almost unbroken record of guessing wrong. Perhaps it is wishful thinking on his part; perhaps it is the peril of being a conservative in a bad decade (or generation) for Republicans.

In any case, I shall not be critical, as I am jumping into the deep end myself. And I’ll even go all the way and post my answers in the “extended” reading tab at the end. Feel free to post comments and suggestions, but above all, record your own answers. We’ll check back in a year…

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