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Barack Obama is not a Christian continues to be a rallying cry from the Christian right. For some, like Joe Carter and Rod Dreher, it is because Obama isn’t orthodox enough (read: he doesn’t believe and act exactly as they believe and act)  

For others, like Mark Holick at Spirit One Christian Center in Kansas, it’s because, Barack Obama is…wait for it…A Muslim!  The sign from the church says it all. 

I’m having a hard time with this silliness. As progressive revival reader Val commented:

I AM SOOOO TIRED OF PEOPLE IN AMERICA WHO FEEL THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE WHO IS A CHRISTIAN AND WHO ISN’T. Judge not lest ye be judged. God is the only one qualified to judge who is a true believer. President-Elect Obama’s life story could put some so called “Christians” to shame. Some of us go to church every Sunday and still practice racial discrimination. Jesus instructed us to love one another and to take care of the poor among us. Obama’s mother and grandparents took issue with (and challenged) the hypocrites who went to church and behaved abusive towards people who are different. Our duty on this earth is to follow God’s commandments so we can give an account for how we spent our time here on the day of reckoning. Pray for the success of our next president (if he fails we will all suffer) instead of judging his faith.

Amen sister.

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