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Third debate with God a no-show.

After sitting through the last three debates, I feel nostalgic for the thrill of watching McCain and Obama talk from the heart about their faith and values at Saddleback.  That night we recived insights into both candidates which seemed more authentic, if frightening. 

Through the discussion of values issues including abortion, the environment, gay marriage, AIDS, and poverty we got a vivid sense of where Senators Obama and McCain were coming from. While imperfect, the event at Saddleback Church allowed the candidates to present the personal ethical frame upon which they would be hanging their policies. 

Tonight we saw none of that.  The number one issue before the American people is the economy. Economic policies and approaches are values based as PR blogger Eric Sapp noted in his post: Where your Treasure Is: The Economy and Values. The religious traditions of the world have much to say about how to treat our neighbor in times of crisis but no mention was made.  That is a missed opportunity. 

It may be that religion is simply to hot to bring into a debate and it can turn people off.  However, from listening to the comments by voters in post debate focus groups, my impression is that people are bored.  The candidates both are using watered down versions of their stump speeches, they need to be turned on. Having seen the spiritual, moral, religious, and decent Obama and McCain at Saddleback, I miss them now.  It would be nice to hear the candidates be able to connect more clearly the ethical/moral/spiritual commitments they hold with the policies they are advocating. 

One more debate to go, and one more chance for God to show.

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