Progressive Revival

Now this would be a serious change of tone–and the smartest move yet in the heretofore hapless McCain-Palin campaign. The LATimes reports (via Sarah Pulliam at Christianity Today) on McCain’s make-up appearance on Letterman last night and McCain’s revelation that Palin would be going on Saturday Night Live soon.

Palin and Fey.jpg“Probably get more of an audience than our debate did,” McCain quipped, as he tried to make up for jilting Dave–and he did a good job, by all accounts.

First joshing with Obama at the Al Smith Dinner, now this! His standup is better than his sit-downs…And Sarah going on with Tina could be more of a game-changer than anything else the campaign has left.

I just wonder how they’ll play her campaign for laughs. Oh, and when is she going to meet with real media? 

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