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OK, I’m not making this up.  But it just came out that Rep. Virgil Goode, notorious for leading the protest against Rep. Ellison’s desire to be sworn in on the Koran and for being an outspoken opponent of gay rights, was involved in the making of a soft gay porn film…and earmarked $150K to the writer and producer of the film!  Goode’s press secretary had an acting role in the film as well.


Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.  The film, Eden’s Curve, for which Goode gets special thanks in the credits, describes it’s plot thusly:


It is 1972 and muscularly handsome blond Peter heads off to an exclusive Virginia university, unsure of what to expect. He joins a fraternity house where he meets William, a classics major who has a strong attraction to him. Despite their flirting the reserved Peter becomes romantically involved in a menage a trois with his roommate Joe and Joe’s girlfriend Bess. When the trio’s social blis is disrupted by a violent episode Peter is taken in and protected by Ian, his poetry professor. Recuperating at Ian’s idyllic country house, Peter soon falls in love with his hunky professor. Of course, their hot and heavy affair which includes skinny dipping, passionate sex and bathing outdoors is taboo. When jealousy rears its ugly head, Peter and Ian’s happiness is threatened.


And this is a film that gives Goode and his wife special thanks in the closing credits.  The local paper, The Danville Register and Bee broke the story today, and you can read the entire thing HERE.


The Democratic challenger, Tom Perriello, was closing in on Goode…and my guess is that this will put him over the top.  The values issue Southside will be huge (Goode’s first attacks against Perriello were over Perriello not being a strong enough opponent of gay marriage!), but Goode also has a long history of misusing earmarks to help cronies and was involved in the MZM scandal that brought down Duke Cunningham.  Interesting times in VA!

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