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In desperation, apparently, Messrs. Hannity, Limbaugh and
other principals of the Downstream Media are trying to make hay out of the fact
that Barack Obama was known as “Barry” while a child but then opted to use his
given name, “Barack,” as an adult.  This is suggested as evidence that Obama is,
in fact, a Muslim.  An article to this effect, purportedly written by a
concerned citizen – “This election has me very worried” – is
circulating the internet, advancing this argument.

In this case, I think the
Downstream Media may have a point.  Anyone who goes through childhood with
a nickname (in this case, “Barry”) and then chooses to use his given name
(“Barack”) as an adult surely can’t be trusted and is probably a Muslim.  What
further proof do we need?  As nearly as I can tell, no one in history has
ever done that, certainly not in American history.   I’m sure that the
sainted Ronald Reagan was “Ronald” from birth; no one ever called him “Ron” or
“Ronnie.”  That would be un-American and probably Muslim.  Gerald Ford
was never “Gerry,” and Richard Nixon was never “Dick.”  I mean, do you
think that Herbert Hoover’s mother ever called him “Herb” or Herbie”?  Of course

This is worrisome
indeed. Anyone who goes through childhood and into adolescence with a
nickname and then  elects to use his given name as an adult certainly has no
right to be president of the United States.

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