Progressive Revival is pleased to present the second debate/discussion between two of Time Magazine’s most powerful Evangelicals: Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention, and author of Divided States of America; and Brian McLaren, Progressive Revival blogger and author of Everything Must Change.   This debate took place after both conventions and offers two clearly distinct religious perspectives on this election, but with a civility often lost in the current climate.  Progressive Revival is pleased to provide this opportunity.

Watch the entire debate:


Why some progressive religious people are wary of Sarah Palin:

Are affirmative action premises obsolete?

The necessity of speaking the truth out of one’s faith, rather than hewing to party politics

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The attempted assassination of Congresswoman Giffords and the murder of so many others in Arizona has elicited a number of policy suggestions, from gun control to private protection for elected officials, to banning incitement to violence on websites either directly or more subtly (e.g., Sarah Palin’s putting a bull’s-eye target on Giffords’ congressional district to […]

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