Progressive Revival

As a woman and as a Christian- I came away deeply disappointed by the speech Sarah Palin gave tonight in front of the RNC Convention.

At a time in our country’s history when we have a chance to address the most important moral issues of our time, reviving our economy, fighting global poverty and disease, ending the war in Iraq and addressing climate change, Sarah Palin delivered one of the most cynical and sarcastic speeches we have heard yet from a national political figure this year.

Her speech was full of cultural references, and bell-ringers, but devoid of content and specific solutions for the problems our country and our world face.  With quip and joke, and one sarcastic comment after the next, I was
stunned to think that this woman could be in a position to become our
next President.

The purpose of the speech seemed solely focused on reigniting the old culture wars and dividing the country– yet again– for political gain.

Many will praise her speech tonight because of the wild response it evoked from within the hall of the RNC Convention.  But as I listened, I could not find one moment in the speech that would convince me that Sarah Palin is ready to be one heart beat away from the Presidency.

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