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In advance of Thursday’s debate between Senator Biden and Governor Palin here is a round up of all the posts we have had about Sarah Palin since she came on the scene only a month ago. (Seems like forever doesn’t it?) Here […]

A strong statement from the head of the U.S. bishops domestic justice committee offers five conditions to guide any rescue/bailout package. In the Sept. 26 statement (it didn’t get much press; I just found it now via ZENIT), Bishop William […]

Over the summer, a seventy-year old family member has struggled mightily with the possibility of losing her home.  For many months, she has been in a financial meltdown, one unnoticed by politicians claiming that the economy was “sound.” Washington politicians […]

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly Anchor Bob Abernethy interviewed Rev. Jim Wallis from Sojourners and Father Jim Martin from America Magazine about the current crisis and the religion response.  Read an excerpt below: BOB ABERNETHY: Now, the financial crisis and proposals to […]

As most politically active Americans focused on the financial system bailout legislation over the weekend, 33 Christian ministers took the occasion of Sunday sermons to defy federal tax regulations prohibiting endorsement of political candidates by churches and other tax-exempt organizations.  […]

Rep. John LaBruzzo, a Republican from Metarie (David Duke’s old haunts) wants to pay poor women $1,000 to get sterilized. Why? Because people receiving food and housing assistance “are reproducing at a faster rate than more affluent, better-educated residents.” The […]

I know he can’t do it, but I wish he would.  Just once.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Senator Obama responded sharply to Senator McCain’s efforts to paint him as inexperience – as the naïve young man who dared to […]

Senator Obama had a good night at Ole Miss. He dominated the opening discussion on the economy and held his own during the discussion on foreign affairs. Translation: signficant night for Senator Obama. I appreciate the fact that Senator McCain […]

Missing from the vocabulary of tonight’s presidential debate on foreign relations and the economy were such small terms as God, religion, and faith – there wasn’t even a God Bless America.   I co-direct the Program on Religion, Diplomacy, and […]

Rabbis of antiquity interpreted the attempt by humanity to build a Tower of Babel that would allow people to storm heaven as a symbol of human hubris and technological power gone crazy. It was globalization for the sake of power, […]