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You are (you are) not alone
You dont have to do this on your own
One Love Agape One Love Agape
Solo(w) it can feel like were coming apart
Together were much more than the sum of our parts
One Love Agape One love Agape – “
One Love” by the Flobots

Outside of the perimeter of both the physical and ideological safety zone of the convention several rock groups are performing in support of Veterans Against the Iraq The concert will be followed by a march of veterans and their allies aimed at focusing on ending the Iraq war and bringing the soldiers home with dignity. The acts include Rage Against the Machine and the Flobots, a Denver based group that is now having nationwide success with their new single Handlebars.   


I spoke to Stephen Brackett aka MC Brer Rabbit, one of the frontmen of this group whose Christian faith is a fundamental part of his radical activism.   Stephen describes himself as influenced by liberation theology and the tradition of social justice within the faith.  He was raised in a religous household and attends a church, Capital Heights Presbyterian, where the message of Christ is inextribably connected with giving voice to the oppressed and excluded.  


I asked him whether he received pushback from more conservative Christians on the road and he referenced Sojourners Rev. Jim Wallis and how there was a new awakening among young Christians that to talk about Christ is not necessarily to be conservative.   Stephen is supporting Barack Obama and when I asked him about Barack Obama’s Christianity he gave me a beautiful answer about how being Chrstian is about being constantly struggling to live up to Christ’s message and to understand what it means to be a Christian and that is even harder for an elected official.  He felt that Barack was dong his best to live up to the values of the faith.    


Stephen said his favorite text from the Bible is the story of Jesus in Gethsemane asking if this cup can be taken from him.  If even the son of God has these struggles it gives Stephen confidence that there is room for his own struggles – even those for justice: “It may be unpleasant, but it has to be done.”


While many of us talk about faith here at the convention at the Faith Caucuses and panels, here is one young man who is putting his progressive faith into action to make a difference in the lives of others and in this election.  





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