Progressive Revival

Michele Obama made a beautiful speech tonight.  Her life story was new to me and equally moving to the now more familiar story of Barack Obama.  She was so intelligent, passionate and attractive that it made me wonder for a moment if we had selected the wrong Obama. 


She reminded us that this  same week we are marking the anniversary of both the struggle of women to obtain the right to vote and Martin Luther King, Jr’ “I have a Dream” speech. It is important to remember when we look back on those events that there was conservative religious opposition to those movements. And it is equally important to remember that they were wrong.  ‘The arc of history is long but bends towards justice’ King famously said. “The current of history meets a new tide of hope’ said Michele Obama tonight.  We are working towards a better future and for God’s realm to be known here on earth.  It makes me proud to be a religious progressive.

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