Progressive Revival

The mere mention of being accused of playing the “race card” is the third rail of American politics.  Your campaign can come to a screeching halt if it is even implied that a candidate is invoking race.


However, the “race card” can be used effectively by a candidate.  It can invoke intense sympathy and support. 


This divisive issue continues to drive a wedge between the races in America.  A few things we know for sure:  Both Obama and McCain are good and decent men.  And, certainly John McCain is not a racist. 


This is a competitive campaign for the highest office in the nation.  The people of the country deserve better than this.


Both candidates have to distance themselves from the radical fringes on their respective sides.  The media should stop exploiting the issue of race for better ratings.  The bias in the media is the problem, not racism by either candidate. 


Class discrimination, on the other hand, is a major problem in America today.  However, the media is afraid to address this critical American problem.

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