Progressive Revival

Once again, both political parties are heading into their national conventions with just about everything already decided – the candidates, platforms and even the speakers.The excitement of political conventions is a thing of the past.Choreographers and media consultants have replaced backroom political horse trading.

Some people might say, “Thank God.”I say, “We’ve taken the human emotion and fun out of politics.”We’ve taken the voice of average Americans out of politics and substituted it with slick “talking points” and punched sound bites.

“Mayor Flynn, do you have any suggestions?You’ve been in politics 50 years.””As a matter of fact I do,” I responded.

At the upcoming conventions, don’t allow any longwinded political speakers from the past, including former nominees of either party for president or vice president.And definitely no movie stars.

The candidates will certainly address the specific issues on the war and the economy, but the other convention speakers should focus their comments on issues that are on peoples’ minds, but not often talked about by either party.

Such important topics include:

  1. Tuition tax credits for non-public school parents.
  2. Ending trade deals that ship American jobs overseas.
  3. A discussion of right to life issues, including the death penalty and euthanasia.
  4. A human rights policy that would have religious freedom as a key.Singling out offenders like China, North Korea and Vietnam.
  5. Immigration reform, including border security.
  6. Suggestions for media coverage of the conventions.Ask important questions about issues to strengthen American families and help the needy, children and elderly on fixed incomes.
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