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In my last  post, I asked how one decided which is the most important political issue and who he/she should vote for for president.


I learned from my readings of the Bible to “Love thy neighbor” and that “I am my brother’s keeper.”  So as a society, are we practicing His teachings in the political arena and in our individual lives?  You can answer best about you own individual lives, but as someone who has been actively involved in politics and government for almost 50 years at the local and national level, I can assure you that society is not doing enough to live up to their values. 


The ugly history of racial, ethnic and religious bigotry has been well chronicled and, in some cases, dealt with effectively.  But “class bias” continues to be the unspoken mortal sin in America today.  I saw it as a kid growing up in South Boston and I see it even more today throughout our country. 


Liberal politicians pretend they don’t see “white poverty” and conservative politicians pretend they don’t see “poverty” at all.  It’s not just political callousness that is the problem in our country today, but hopelessness afflicting too many of our young people of all ethnicities. 


In the U.S. Presidential debate I would plea with the media that one question in particular should be asked: 


Too many parents cannot afford to send their children to non-public schools.  Despite all the talk, throughout the years too many of our public schools are failing our children.  Please don’t tell me that putting more money into dysfunctional schools will solve the problem.  I want to know if you will provide the required resources to allow working class and needy children to attend a Catholic or other non-public school? 


But here’s the key.  The question won’t get raised, unless you – the public – demand the media to ask it.  Just as importantly, let both of the candidates know that you and your family are going to vote not on basis of party, but rather based on who supports your children’s and grandchildren’s futures. Remind them that they can continue to support public education, but you want them to support all America’s children.


Please write, e-mail or call Senator Obama and Senator McCain and the media.  You can make a difference.  But you must start now.

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