Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm. (Ephesians 6:13)

Unless your faith is firm, I cannot make you stand firm. (Isaiah 7:9b)


The best way to stand is on your knees. Taking a stand for our families is a posture of confident prayer and battle. The enemy hates the idea of family just about more than anything. His onslaught against families is relentless. How can we withstand the bombardment?  

Putting on the Armor of God is a good starting point. The greek word means, “to cause to stand, to be fixed, to be kept intact of family or kingdom.” Let’s pray the Armor of God over ourselves and our families! Pray this plain and simple prayer with us.


You have instructed me to be strong in You. Thank You that I don’t have to be strong in myself, for I don’t have it in me to be strong enough to face the battles I am in, but I can be strong in You and in Your mighty power.

I am putting on Your full armor today, Lord, so that I can stand against the enemy’s schemes against me and my family. I understand that I’m not fighting any person. People may be involved in this battle, in fact, people may be fighting me, but I am not engaging in that battle! I refuse to fight with people. I will only fight in prayer against the real enemy that hates me most: the devil and his rulers, authorities, powers, and forces of darkness.

I’m standing in faith against the enemy with the belt of Truth buckled firmly around me! I am speaking truth, believing the truth, and only thinking about the truth. Your truth will keep my whole armor in tact throughout this day.

The breastplate of righteousness is mine and I wear it with humility and gratitude, for the righteousness I put on is certainly not anything I deserve or have earned. It is Yours. You have bequeathed Your righteousness to me, and I receive it in faith today.

My feet are fitted and ready for peace. I’m poised to speak peace, pursue peace, and spread peace everywhere I go today, especially with my family.

Thank You for shielding me today with faith. Before I ingest any concept, thought, or word, it must pass the faith test. Will it build my faith? Will it bolster my trust in You? If not, I reject it! My faith in You shields me from every accusation, every temptation, and every attack of the devil.

My mind is covered with Your salvation. You have saved my soul–my mind, my will, and my emotions–from destruction. You have saved me from all that is not of You, from all that would destroy my life and my family.

I take the sword of the Spirit in my hand and I use it at will! The sword is Your Word which I have hidden in my heart. I have a ready Word for every attack the enemy throws my way.

And I will pray! I will pray in the Spirit all throughout this day! I will pray about everything and I will worry about nothing! I will put my family into Your hands. I will stay alert and keep watch, guarding my heart, thoughts, and words. I will pray without ceasing for every member of my family throughout this day!

I praise You for equipping me with everything I need to win over the enemy! My family will be kept safe in You!

In Jesus’ Name


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