I will search for faithful people
to be my companions. (Psalm 101:6)

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What do you look for in a friend? Sometimes we make friends who have similar interests, tastes, employment, or even looks. One often sees friends walking together that are similar heights, weights, and even hair color.

If you are searching for a friend, if you are in need of deeper relationships, we have a prayer for you today.

David discussed his prerequisites for choosing friends in Psalm 101, and sums up his criteria thus: faithfulness is the most important characteristic to look for. He wanted a friend who would be faithful to him. David was king at the time, so I can imagine that many people wormed their way into his life to curry his favor, but deep down they didn’t have enough integrity of character to be brought into his inner circle.

We needn’t bring people into the inner circle of our lives if they aren’t people marked by the characteristic of faithfulness. In Psalm 101, David discusses what faithfulness looks like – and doesn’t look like. For example, an unfaithful person is one given to slander, talking their neighbors down, condescendingly. So if a person around David was found to slander, that person would not have favor in David’s organization.

Faithful people are ones who are honest in their dealings, folks who steer clear of shady business deals and perverse ideas of any sort. They are humble people, those who have tamed their pride. They are honest folk whose word can be trusted.

If you are finding yourself in a new season of life, and you would like to gain a new friend or two, pray this plain and simple prayer with us.


I thank You that You have not called me Your servant, but rather Your friend. Thank You that Jesus modeled intimate friendship with His disciples, especially John, Peter, and James.

Lord, I am asking You to deepen my friendships. My season of life has changed, and I need an upgrade where my friends are concerned. I appreciate the friends I have had through the years, but I am longing for a godly friend who will walk with me towards the life to which Jesus has called us.

Would you please lead me to a new friend? One who fits all the criteria David outlines in Psalm 101; one who seeks Your ways? Make me worthy of one such friend by being that very kind of person myself.

Keep me from negative talk about people, from dishonest speech, from pride and perversion. Forgive me for these vices, and make me like You, walking in integrity day by day. Grant me favor and make me a magnet for godly people so that I can grow my circle of friendship to one that gives You glory and much joy.

In Jesus’ Name



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