God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort. He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. (2 Corinthians 1:3,4)


How do we begin to pray for the victims and their families in the recent shooting in Las Vegas? Like sorting through the wreckage, our hearts begin to sort through all the trauma, and we hardly know how to pray and where to start. Let’s begin by praying specifically a simple, heart-felt prayer over some of the victims of this senseless act of violence.*


Help us to know how to pray. Show us, Father. We know this was not Your will, for You say in Your Word that You came to save us and to give us life, not take it away. Yet here we face another terrible loss, for which You grieve along with us.

Father, we lift up all the victims to You. Specifically today we pray for the family and friends of Angela Gomez, a young woman who was considered to be a loyal friend and a genuine person. She leaves a gaping hole in the lives of many; please fill that void with Your presence and peace.

We pray for Cameron Robinson and his co-workers at the city of Las Vegas. We ask that You would comfort and console his boyfriend, Bobby, and give all his loved ones a great measure of strength and peace today as they grieve.

Jack Beaton died while shielding his wife, Laurie, from the fire of bullets. Lord, please grant Laurie and their family comfort. Thank You that You are near to the brokenhearted. He spoke loving words to Laurie as he was dying, and she assured him she would see him in Heaven. Thank You for the promise of a life with You in eternity.

Father, please comfort the hearts of Melissa Ramirez’s family and friends, whom she loved with commitment and loyalty. Bless them, young and old, as they mournfully miss her.

Thank You for the kind-hearted, generous life of Heather Alvarado. We pray for her family and for all the people in her life that she treated as family.

Hannah Ahlers was the sunshine of her husband and three children’s lives. Please fill the empty space with Your comfort and peace. She contributed to her community, and her presence will be missed by many. Bring the community together through this tragedy, dear Lord.

Bless the patriotic heart and soul of Kurt Von Tillow. Give his family, some of whom are recovering from wounds themselves, peace and healing in the trauma. Bring people around them to help them process this great loss, and bring them all comfort.

Thomas Day Jr. attended the concert with three of his grown children and a group of friends. Please, Lord, give them all assurance of Your presence and comfort in this difficult time.

Alaskan to the core, Adrian Murfitt was celebrating the end of a long, hard-working summer of commercial fishing. Now his friends and family are mourning the abrupt ending of his life; may they find You, Jesus, as they search for peace.

Father, these are just a few of those who perished; be with all them families and friends of each victim. Send them comfort through people and through Your Holy Spirit.

In Jesus’ Name


Photo credit: Foter.com
* Source of information: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/02/us/vegas-victims-names.html

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