Come out to see King Solomon, young women of Jerusalem. He wears the crown his mother gave him on his wedding day, his most joyous day. (Song of Songs 3:11)

Our son is getting married this week. We will set aside some time to pray for the couple, the families, and all the many details that need to come together to make this their most joyous day.


As we prepare for this wedding, we ask that You would be our most honored guest. When Jesus attended his friends’ wedding in Cana, he demonstrated both his power and his attention to detail by supplying what was lacking. Father, please see to it that any details we might be neglecting or any unforeseen challenges or issues be covered by your mighty power and great care. We rejoice in this celebration to come. We pray for protection over each traveler. And we pray for loving interactions between each of us, even when we feel the stresses that undoubtedly come with an event like this. More than anything, we ask for the Holy Spirit’s presence! Marriage was Your idea, Lord, and a beautiful wedding is a wonderful way to begin a brilliant marriage.


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