I no longer call you slaves… John 15:15

Sex is God’s idea, and everything He created is good. We recognize the Bible as the authoritative manual for life, including sex. In this Manual, which is the Source of our existence, we find that there are boundaries around sex. These boundaries, like a safety rail, ensure that sex will be all God has designed it to be – abundant and joyful. Our ’96 Chrysler is still running strong. Why? Because we follow the directives in the manual. Same with our  marriage of ’83. We’ve taken some bumps and bruises along the way, but God’s grace has been enough, and here we are, still cruising strong and having a great time.

A few years before the widely popular book Fifty Shades of Grey tantalized the eyes and imaginations of men and women throughout the world, a study, titled “The National Survey on Christian Female Sexuality,” found that Evangelical Christian women have better and more frequent sex than American women in general.

Believers don’t take sex advice from best sellers nor from the media in general. We take our cues from our God who created sex in the first place (a trusting yet risky gift, as He knew how prone we would be to muck it up). And when we live by the Book, life is better, and sex is best.

My Father,

I want to honor You, myself, and my spouse by following the Manual you have given me. I have repented of every sexual sin I have committed that has drawn me away from the light of your love – True Love. Thank you that my sin has been removed from me “as far as the east is from the west.” And, Lord, teach us in our marriage to live in Your light. To enjoy the gift of intimacy that you saw fit to give humanity. We thank you and embrace this gift. You are good, and every good and perfect gift comes from you!



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