Prayer, Plain and Simple

Jesus prayed that His disciples would live in unity. In His last hours on the earth, this was foremost in His thoughts (John 17). His greatest desire was that His individual disciples would function as “one”, that they would get along and work together and partner together for the single interest of God’s glory.

Getting along is a key to productivity and fruitfulness. Kingdom outsiders would look at true disciples and say, “Faith must be real because it works. They love each other. I want that!”

David understood this a thousand years earlier when wrote of the same idea. Being a musician, he called it “harmony.” Harmony, he says, is the key to anointing. He called it “wonderful” and “pleasant” and “refreshing.”

Twentieth century music popularized a new sound of dissonance, and our ears have come to appreciate it. But dissonance in relationships will never be pleasant. It might be comical at times, as we can observe for hours without end in modern sitcoms, but it is not pleasant nor never will be.

A Prayer for Unity:


Make us one as You and the Son are one. Help us to be ‘united in spirit, intent on one purpose,’ that of loving and serving you and loving and serving one another. This will be our key to supernatural joy in this life. Make our music harmonious. Make us one in You.