Prayer, Plain and Simple

General Stanley McChrystal, the top U.S. commander and strategist of the Afghan war, is at this moment headed to the White House, resignation at hand to meet with President Barack Obama. McChrystal recently mocked and disparaged the President and his national security team in a Rolling Stone interview. He has apologized and today he’s expected to offer his resignation.

Whether Obama accepts it, or simply scolds him and sends him back to work is something we’ll learn before noon today. What remains is the dire situation in Afghanistan – the war is not going well for the Americans. The Afghan government with U.S. support is waging a major and at the moment tenuous military operation against Taliban strongholds in the south of the nation. Analysts are predicting that the U.S. will lose more troops this month than they have in any month of the long war. Afghan officials said Wednesday that firing Gen. Stanley McChrystal would disrupt progress in the war and urged the White House to keep him in his role.

Stupid judgments, pride and wounded egos aside, the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan is a challenge of unfathomable proportion. In fact, it’s a mess beyond the bounds of human resolution. The nation at war needs a miracle. Let’s pray for that…

“God, bless Afghanistan. Bring an end to this horrible war. We thank you for all those who have fought to bring freedom to this torn nation. We pray today for U.S. and Afghan soldiers battling today in the south of the country. We boldly ask that you would work with and through them defeat the brutal and oppressive Taliban. We know that you take sides for justice and truth and against wickedness and terror. Give our leaders from the highest levels down to the rank and file wisdom today to make wise and productive decisions. Resolve this conflict between the President and his general, and do so without jeopardizing the outcome of the battle and the war. This is a mess beyond our capacity. We humbly ask you to lift your hand of strength and act on behalf of goodness. In Jesus name…”

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