A 7.2 earthquake epicentered near Mexicali, Mexico struck about 3:40 p.m. Sunday rattling all of Southern California, and setting high rise buildings in Los Angeles and San Diego rocking. There are some reports of damage. This quake was the strongest in a series of tremors that have hit California and Northern Mexico all week.

Yes, there are many more ominous disasters of note in the world today. But the fear and even panic sparked by these earthquakes has been a very real thing. And fear, whether from a warranted danger or not exacts a price. Let’s pray for the millions of people in Mexico and California who have had to deal with the spikes of fear as a result of these recent earthquakes.

“God, we pray for all those who experienced fear and panic this morning as a result of the California and Mexico earthquakes. We thank you that it was not worse than it was. But we also ask that you comfort those who felt a spike of panic as a result. Recover their emotions. Guard them now against further fear. Bring peace where there was trauma. In Jesus…”


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