January 9, 2010

Day 8

Weight: 204 lbs

Weight lost: -2 lbs

Now I know something “different” is happening. This morning I weighed in again and found – to my stunned surprise – that I was down another one pound, to 204 lbs. This baffles me because1) I did not exercise yesterday and 2) last night Jill and I were treated to an absolute FEAST at the rehearsal dinner for my cousin’s daughter who is getting married today. The meal was at one of St. Paul’s finest restaurants, “The Lexington.” Wow…

I did not hold back. One of the menu choices was a 14 oz slab of prime rib. I ordered it, and before it came downed a delicious salad with not-fat-free dressing and loads of calorie-loaded black olives. I mopped up my plate with a rich, hot dinner roll swiped with butter…. Mmmm. Get the picture?

My prime rib came in all its glory escorted by an Idaho-sized baked potato and a gorgeous array of sautéed asparagus spears. I doctored my potato – generously – with sour cream and chives. Yes, I finished everything on my plate, with the exception of a few trimmings of fat I carved off the meat. I also finished off a fabulous lemon tort for dessert. And yes, had a glass and a half of red wine – which of course doubled as an opportunity to share communion…

All this and I still came down one pound from yesterday.

Something is astir and I’m somewhat in awe. We’ll see if the wonder continues: the wedding reception dinner is tonight. There’s sure to be ample opportunity to test my hypothesis all the more!

“Jesus, I love the gift of food, as you did when you lived here on earth. I’m grateful for the opportunities to ‘taste and see that you are good!’ Again today I give you the right to be with me in my eating. I trust you to satisfy my deepest desires and fill me. Enjoy the feast with me this evening. You live in me; why not?”


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