In the Peach Buzz section of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Tyler Perry, a friend of Whitney Houston, asked fans of Houston to pray for her. He suggested that as they went out to buy her latest album, “I Look to You” in stores and online, whisper a prayer for her because “She is looking to you and to God for all her strength.”

Admittedly, since talk of her making a comeback started rising and since I’ve heard two of the singles from her latest album, I have not been convinced that this is her time. I have certainly spent my fair share of time trashing her latest single, “Million Dollar Bill” because I think it’s beneathe her and what I believe she is capable of doing as an artist. But in the midst of all of this, I had not even taken the time to think about what a huge step she is making to fully step back into the spotlight that she once stole at the peak of her career. The same spotlight that burned her when she was in the midst of trials and tribulations in her personal life. I didn’t stop for a second to think about what she is facing and that it is bigger than the music she creates for mass consumption. She IS first and foremost, a human being. God’s creation. And like all of us she makes mistakes, has learned from them, and is hoping to move on. But she can only truly move on when the she stops being reminded of the mistakes. So this is my public apology to Whitney Houston for being a critic and not a Christian with compassion as my primary goal. And as such, I would like all who would to join me in prayer for Whitney Houston.

Heavenly Father,

I first ask that you would forgive me for being a critic of someone I don’t even know. Someone who you have gifted with incredible talents, but at the same time, she is human and makes mistakes. You said that we all have sinned and fallen short of your glory, yet, with undeserved kindness, you declare us righteous. So I pray that as Whitney Houston steps back into the spotlight, you would remind her of her own righteousness and let that righteousness guide her to greater works. May you light her path and show her the direction to go as she enters this new season of life. Though there may be some that will criticize her, let that criticism not discourage her. Let her hear only from those who are speaking by your divine inspiration. Let her accept the criticisms you need her to accept. May she seek your face and look to the hills from which cometh her help and remember to run to you. You’ve given her many songs to sing that tell of your grace and your mercy, now let her believe those things in her heart and respond to it with her life. Be her protector, keeping her away from harmful people and danger. Be a provider, making ways out of no way. Be her comforter in the hard days to come. And be her peace so that when it is all said and done, she remembers to look to you.

In Jesus’ Name,


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