how to get a good nights sleepI have many friends, all ages, who have trouble sleeping. They take Ambien, Tylenol PM, listen to music and books on tape and on and on to lull them back to sleep. The National Sleep Association says that 40 million Americans are not getting enough sleep. The first thing people do when they are suffering from lack of sleep is rush to their nearest pharmacy to buy over-the-counter pills or to their doctor for prescription drugs. I have a solution that may add to the equation of a proper night’s sleep.


I had been married a few years when I decided to purchase bright yellow linens with muted orange and yellow butterflies. I noticed, after using them a few times, I had trouble sleeping which was very strange because I am a great sleeper. It dawned on me that it was the brightly colored sheets. They were stimulating me. I stopped using them and my sleep returned to normal.

My theory: Your bedroom should be soothing to your eyes and create a serene environment. I suggest you observe your bedroom and make adjustments if you do not feel comfortable.


Our bedrooms should be uncluttered. When you enter the room your eyes should take in the whole space and not dart from one color to another.

  1. Use neutral colors in your bedroom. Use a matted paint on the walls and ceiling in the same color.
  2. Do not have tons of colorful pillows on your bed. Pillows are distracting. You want to feel peaceful.
  3. Buy soft sheets with a good thread count for comfort.
  4. Art on the wall should be quiet in colors. Photographs are perfect with organic art such as seashells, trees in a forest or pictures of the sea.
  5. Do not make the lighting too bright or distracting.
  6. Do not watch TV or browse your iPhone or iPad in bed. I know that it’s next to impossible! Use discipline.

My plan is all-natural and fun. Plus it is a great excuse to go shopping!

Do Something GOOD Today: Assess your bedroom. Is it a calming environment?

-Gramma Good

gramma good

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