Six Life Lessons from My Mother (and Four from My Daughters)

My mother and my daughter are 50 years apart in age. I passed my mom’s lessons on to my daughters because they were valuable and filled with wisdom. On the other side of the coin, with all the change in the world, my daughters have taught their grandmother and mother some modern and valuable ways to communicate, how to increase family togetherness, and a woman’s power. life lessons

We all have are own experiences to share. Here are six lessons I learned from my mom. What are some of your experiences?

  1. Challenge yourself throughout your life. Never stop growing.
  2. Be proactive about your health. This has saved my life twice.
  3. When you are happily married, you can face the world.
  4. The way you dress makes a statement about who you are.
  5. Laugh. Without humor there is no joy.
  6. Appreciation is a wonderful quality.


Lessons from My Children:

  1. Communication: The Internet and cell phones are the way to stay in touch now.
  2. Trends: From fashion and yoga to what is “hot.”
  3. The family that plays together stays together. Family togetherness over any social obligation.
  4. Women’s power: Feel your power and use it well.

 -Gramma Good

Do Something GOOD Today: Pass on one of your favorite life lessons to your grandchildren.

gramma good

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