keeping stress in perspectiveMy iPhone sits next to me and I hear a text. It is from one of my grandsons. I text him back. Then I think to myself, “I should text the rest of my grandchildren.” So off go 14 texts to the other grandchildren. You know what happens…their texts start pouring in! What does every gramma do…she answers.

Then the door opens and it is my husband returning from his day out. “Let’s talk,” he says. So, I leave my blog again and talk!!

I am back to this blog, again! I start thinking and comparing our pressures to our grandchildren’s pressures because I have received 14 texts with different messages within a few minutes from them. The children are now in the forefront of my thoughts.

At their young age they spend at least 6 or 7 hours in school; have several after-school activities; they are constantly told what to do; they deal with their role in the family learning values, wisdom, manners and on and on; they have hours of homework; they are confronted with peer pressure while struggling with maturing. AND THIS GRAMMA IS COMPLAINING!!

I leave my computer again to start making dinner. I peel carrots and potatoes, wash and season the chicken, make a divine salad, put the chicken in the oven, and set the table, all the while talking on the phone and scurrying around our kitchen looking  for this and that as my mom and brother and girlfriend are coming for dinner. And I think to myself…this is a piece of cake compared to what my darling grandchildren are going through. I relax and thank my lucky stars that my life is so vital. And I smile as I set a beautiful table and wait for my loving family to arrive. And thank my mom for being a wonderful role model.

Do Something GOOD Today: Take a deep breath and remember to keep everything in perspective. It will help you from feeling overwhelmed.

– Gramma Good

gramma good

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