blueberries-300x225Fresh and colorful produce adds flavor and variety to your meals, and provides you with many much-needed vitamins and nutrients. Here’s five fruits and vegetables that have high nutritional value without too much sugar.

1. Blueberries. The antioxidants found in blueberries are associated with good memory and improved brain function. They are great with yogurt or cereal.

2. Eggplant. These beautiful purple veggies are one of the best dietary sources of antioxidants and also provide lots of soluble fiber. Try using grilled eggplant slices to prepare grain-free pizzas or burgers.

3. Kale. Have you ever eaten kale? It really is a superfood! A cup of raw kale provides 460% of your daily vitamin K, 74% of your vitamin A, and 107% of your vitamin C. Try it sautéed with coconut oil or toasted with olive oil and balsamic vinegar in the oven until crispy.

4. Raspberries. Raspberries are not only low in calories, sugar and carbohydrates, they are also one of the highest sources of fiber among all fruits. They are also high in antioxidants, a family of compounds that have been shown to help with cancer prevention. Raspberries are great in salads, smoothies, or just plain!

5. Broccoli. Rich in antioxidants and selenium, broccoli could help prevent cancer. Its high fiber content will also help you feel fuller with fewer calories. Try adding broccoli to your Asian-inspired stir-fries for a quick, nutrient-packed meal.
One last note: buy organic produce when you can to avoid exposure to potentially harmful pesticides. The Environmental Working Group provides lists of the “dirty dozen” and “clean fifteen” – lists of produce with the most and least pesticide residues, so you know which ones are most important to buy organic.

Do Something GOOD Today: Buy something in the produce section that you’ve never tried before and learn how to prepare it!

– Gramma Good

gramma good

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