inspirational wordsIf you are worrying about tomorrow, you aren’t living in today. In our go-go, have to get-ahead world it can be difficult to slow down and live in the now.

In order to truly make your life your own and not get sucked into this world driven by fear-based media, insincere social media networks and teetering values, start slowing down today. Here’s how:

1. Pray
There is no better way to quiet the world and be introspective than to pray. Start with being thankful for all your blessings and then pray for those items or people that are heavy on your heart. You will also feel better and more centered after praying.

2. Call
While slowing down may include unplugging (putting away your phones, laptops, etc.), it’s also therapeutic to call a friend or loved one. Calling doesn’t mean text messaging. Slow down and have genuine conversations with the people you love. When you hang up, you’ll feel connected and connections make the world go around.

3. Read
Pick your favorite spot and open up a good ole’ fashioned book. Feeling the pages as you flip through it will make you re-connect with your intellectual and emotional side.

4. Journal
Writing therapy is an extremely valuable way to express your feelings and innermost thoughts. It’s up to you whether you keep the journals for years or toss it after you’ve gotten your therapy out of it. If you have saved past journals, why not open them up and see how you’ve evolved since you’ve last written in them?

5. Step Outside
Fresh air can bring clarity to any situation. You can either eat a meal outside or go for a walk, the oxygen will remind you that all is good in the world. In order to slow down our hectic lives and remember what matters most, you have to get back to the basics. Praying, connecting, reading, journaling and going outside are as basic – and freeing – as you can get.

Do Something GOOD Today: Remember an activity you did as a child and vow to recreate the experience soon!

– Gramma Good

gramma good

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