I stood in the middle of my kitchen with tears streaming down my face.  In my hands is a Federal Express envelope from Bank of America.

Dear Ms. Warrick,
We have a new program based on a settlement that was reached with the Department of Justice. You have met the criteria for a new loan modification program where it is possible that you will receive a reduction on the principle of your home. *

My impossible had arrived via Fed Ex.  I had 24-hours to finalize the contract of the short sale of my home or make the decision to reach for the miracle.  As I sit here writing this the new loan request is in process.  It is important that I write now because whatever the outcome is I had to opt into, “Thy Will Be Done.” The outcome is not negative if the loan is denied.  The outcome is not positive is the loan is approved.  The outcome is God’s Will.

Can you see all of the options that I had?  Nothing has changed in my personal situation.  I continue to move forward with my work and my writing.  Thy Will Be Done.  As the 24-hours ticked down to decision and action time I found my Self standing in that same spot in the kitchen, with the phone to my ear praying and whaling as a friend listened.  I am crying…again.  There is a lot at stake:  funds to move, a new start and I am standing in unbelief of the timing and the circumstance and the opportunity.  Thy Will Be Done!

In order to be here, in my home, in this sanctuary of my healing, I have to opt in and fill out the paperwork.  I have to opt into God.

I have uncertainty about where this is all going.  I have certainty in God.  Where I am is where I am supposed to be.  Where I am going is where I am supposed to go.

Everyday, really every moment of every day we have the opportunity to opt in and be in overlaying alignment with God; in total and complete Oneness with our spiritual source, our creator, our God. Everyday we have the opportunity to reject the emotional natural and be in the splendor of the supernatural Source, God.

Living a loving aligned life, a life of spirituality and grace is not boring or for the faint of heart.

In Joy!

Mercedes Warrick
Reprinted with permission.
© 2012 Mercedes Warrick All Rights Reserved.

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