I just completed my second garage sale as I prepare to move into the unknown. I live in Las Vegas, at least for now. I am short selling my home with no idea of where I am going, how I am going to get there or how I am going to make a living once I get there.

Well, this is not entirely true the how is God. I am not a survivalist so garage selling is foreign territory. The sisters in my Sacred Goddess Circle got me through for my first garage sale.  I hadn’t done one before.  This second one, by choice, I was on my own.  I felt God’s Inner Powering as I bargained and got into the mood of seller / shopper exchange.

There is spirituality in garage selling as my Ego Self became humble especially knowing that these dollars are contributing to real quality of living.  The rationality of not wanting to let go of something to go for a few dollars less than you expected emerges. The shopper was rude or unreasonably tenacious going in for the “kill.”  Lack mentality creeps in; these dollars are the bounty for my new life. Garage selling is not a spectator’s sport.

There is a distinct spirituality in garage selling.  The strength of the spiritual Self, standing for what you need or desire.  The shoppers do not know your circumstances.  They are just looking for a good deal. However, if you are ever a garage sale shopper know that “winning” –getting the deal that you want with grace is a spiritual exchange. If you are the garage sale seller contemplate, the person buying your old shoes may be in need of “new” shoes for a job interview on Monday.

There is an opportunity to be close to God here. The spirituality of garage selling is the give and take of living in God’s Abundance. Garage selling may be God’s way to deliver exactly what you need.

– Mercedes Warrick, Intuitive CEO

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