She has a fear of infidelity. Jen isn’t worried about her husband being unfaithful; she’s worried about herself. It’s completely irrational. Jen and Tom have a great marriage. In seventeen years she has never felt remotely tempted. But she watched it happen to a co-worker and it freaked her out.

They work in sales for a software company. Some light travel, mostly to Dallas twice a year and then one big annual trade show. Their employer is on the cheap side. That’s how Jen and Lizzie came to be roommates. The two women went to the hospitality lounge on day one. Lizzie had a couple drinks; she was loose, not loaded.

They meet Rick. He’s married, like Lizzie. The three of them start talking. Then Jen finds herself casually excluded from the conversation. The two of them are talking passionately about World War Two– hardly a sexy topic. Jen drifts away, they keep talking, and by cocktail hour on day two, Jen is rooming solo.

It was never discussed. Yet Jen could see the bond between Rick and Lizzie as if they were physically connected to one another. You’re probably thinking, reaction to a bad marriage. If either one were truly happy it couldn’t happen. Or maybe you’re judging: Placing blame on a lack of morals. A person of faith would not be so deliberate about sinning.

What’s worrying Jen is another possible explanation. Are Rick and Lizzie soul mates with very bad timing? Is it God’s will that placed the spark of passion inside the two lovers only to be ignited at a Hilton in Dallas?

It’s likely Jen doesn’t have all the information. There’s always a back story. Right now she prays. She gives thanks to God for her husband and her healthy marriage. She loves her life as it is and asks God to spare her any fireworks that could start with a spark of passion.

– Prayables

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