Who took the fun out of making fun of somebody? Most people lose their taste for a cheap laugh and opt-out when it comes to embarrassing another person for the sake of a chuckle.

Not Chad. He is full speed ahead when it comes to sarcastic quips and public humiliation. The worst part of it is; his favorite victim is his wife. Chad and Mandy were having friends over. They were all hanging out in the kitchen when Chad goes into “funny mode” and “reports” on all of their salad dressings with past expirations. Whoo–ha, what a routine! Mandy was mortified.

Chad thinks he’s George Burns to his wife’s Gracie. Except Chad’s not a comedic professional, his funny is mean. Why does “shtick” have to turn ugly?

Maybe it’s because hurting the feelings of the people you love is easy. It’s not always intentional; there are simply occasions when a casual remark goes bad. You’ve probably been there. An embarrassing factoid is revealed about a spouse’s private habits. Cringe. It could have landed with a laugh, but it missed.

Mandy has some good advice for all the good folks out there married to comedian wanna-bes. Don’t fight back, but don’t come to the rescue either. It’s insecurity that causes the quipster to aim low. Be there when the guests have gone, and you’re behind closed doors. Offer love, compassion and gentle conversation about hurt feelings. Pray together for the discretion to recognize funny from not.

– Prayables

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