Is there someone in your life who knows how to push your buttons? Can he or she make you mad with a single word? You’re not alone. There are tons of infuriating people in this world driving their family and friends crazy with their quirky personalities. You’re probably related to one, two, or a dozen of them.

Don’t let anyone steal your joy! There are practical ways to end a squabble and focus on enjoying the annoying. Here’s a few favorites:

1. Stick to the Real Issue
Is it what they said or how they said it? Did the tiff start because one of you is stressed about a totally different issue? Clear through the muck and state the real problem in one sentence or less. Stick to an issue, not what the other “should have done.”

2. No Apologies Unless You Mean It
It’s not helping anyone to dive right in with “I’m sorry” until you really mean it. Insincerity stinks a mile away, don’t give in to an easy out.  Stay away from the “I’m sorry but [insert blame here.]” Fake forgiveness is a two-way street. There’s no use in demanding a “sorry” either.

3. Two-Way Talk Time
Involve the other in a conversation that goes back and forth. Anything more than four sentences without a response is a speech, not a conversation. No rambling, venting, or preaching.

Try these tactics and do a little more. When you see an opening, reach out and apply the golden touch. Lightly brush your hand against theirs. Use your senses to notice when a little humor could be effective. Be aware of every opportunity to deliver an unexpected nicety.

We’re all made in God’s image. Even the annoying people in your life have the same spark of the Divine inside of them. When you start having peaceful arguments, you’ll see your antagonist in a new way; God’s way.


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