Money: It can buy a house, but not a home. It can buy a clock, but not time. It can buy a book, but not knowledge. It can buy medicine, but not health.

What else is there that you can’t buy with money? Love, contentment, peace, friendship, and spiritual fulfillment are just a few things money can’t buy.  So how come the most important things in life can’t be found in a store, yet we’re endlessly shopping?

Make a wish list. Take some paper and draw a line down the center. One column is for all the things you want to have, or want to do. The other column is for the things you already enjoy having, and enjoy doing.  One more instruction: Every item on this list must be yours and yours alone. If your husband wants a better job, your daughter wants Lasix, and you’d like to buy your mother a new car, scratch those off your list. Regardless of how worthy someone else’s needs and wants are, there comes a time when you resolve to allow others to have their own list.

It’s remarkable how much smaller your list got.  With all due respect to generosity, too often people will take on the desires and aspirations of someone they care about, without realizing how it affects their own state of well-being.

The greatest “want to have” is relationship with God. Lucky for each and every one of us, it doesn’t cost any money. When you are strong in your prayer life your wish list naturally gets whittled down to a couple of items and a whole lot of appreciation for the “already have” side of the column.

Money can buy a thank-you note, but not gratitude. Buy the love, contentment, peace and spiritual fulfillment you’re looking for at God’s store. The shelves are fully stocked, the shopping cart is large, and everything is free.

– Prayables

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