Everyone has their top ten. Top ten greatest movies of all time. Top ten favorite books. Top ten hottest Hollywood hunks. Oh… so not everyone is in on the last one?

When it comes to top ten lists, the one that everyone is “in on,” is a list of spiritual questions. That list doesn’t have easy answers like, Gone With the Wind, The Great Gatsby, and George Clooney. This top ten list has difficult soul-searching questions. What happens after death? Why is there evil? Does man have free will?

Maybe your list is more personal. Why did my loved one die? What is the purpose for my life? When will bad things stop happening to me?

Putting together a top ten list of your spiritual questions is not about getting answers. It’s about asking the question. You need to go deep in prayer, study scripture, and come up with possible explanations that you can discuss with others.

Faith is not a game you play alone. That’s why you find support in a faith-based community.  The best spiritual leader is one who encourages you to ask questions. He or she doesn’t have all the answers, but instead will guide you while you play a God-centered game of “Top Ten.” Get started today.
– Prayables

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